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Step into a bygone era of glamour with our 1950s Holly Hoelscher equestrian print dress--a piece that's extremely rare.


Holly Hoelscher was a trailblazing designer renowned for her iconic shirtwaist dresses. Her designs were a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern innovation, and this dress is a testament to her creative genius. Adorned with an equestrian print featuring riders on horseback carrying royal flags, it's a work of art that celebrates the timeless charm of the '50s.


As you slip into this dress, you'll feel like the heroine of a romantic novel, ready for an adventure. It's the kind of dress that tells a story and invites you to be part of its narrative.


There is one major flaw--there's a touch of fading on the waistband, but can be covered wtih a belt or altered.


Best on size 8



Bust: up to 40”

Waist: up to 28”

Hip: free

Length: 43”

Sleeve length: 15”

Shoulders across back: 16”

Vintage 1950s Holly Hoelscher Silk Dress

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