“Ghost of the Titanic” gown by Franck Joseph Bastille, 1991. This was inspired by the couples who “danced until the very end” during the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. It features glow in the dark sequins made exclusively for Bastille. The torn hem and holes in the dress give the illusion of being washed away at sea. A one of a kind beauty! Comes with a profile of Bastille from Avenue Magazine, 1991. In good vintage condition—missing a few sequins.

Best on size 0-2

Bust: up to 32”

Waist: up to 25” (26” with stretch”

Hip: up to 35”

Front length: 47”

Back length: 60”

Shawl measurements: 55 x 86”

“Ghost of the Titanic” Gown