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Introducing our exquisite 1960s Malcolm Starr space age dress, a true masterpiece that transcends time and fashion, taking you on a journey to the stars.


Malcolm Starr, celebrated for his innovative designs, drew inspiration from the Space Age era, capturing the optimism and excitement of a time when people dreamed of wearing haute couture on the moon.


It's adorned with beads and sequins of various types, some of which are simply not made anymore, like pieces of stardust frozen in time. The intricate beadwork and sequins shimmer like constellations in the night sky, and you become the center of the universe.


Yes, this dress is rare and worthy of a museum, a testament to the innovative spirit of the 1960s. It's not just a dress; it's a time capsule, a reminder of the dreams and aspirations that once reached for the stars. ✨🌙


Best on size 2, 4



Bust: up to 32”

Waist: up to 28”

Hip: up to 35”

Length: 36.5”

Malcolm Starr Space Age Dress

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